Core Clarity Experience

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You want work that you feel meant to do and feels fulfilling to do. I can help! I’m hosting an event called the Core Clarity Experience.

When you come to this event,

  • you’ll get a fresh perspective on what is core and essential to who you are

  • what’s missing in your current work

  • and how your essentials fit together to form the picture of work that you feel you’re meant to be doing.

Plus, you’ll leave with tactical next steps to start to make it real (read: we won’t leave you hanging).

The Core Clarity Experience is a process that I went through to create what Grace & Gather Events looks like today. While event planning for another company, I came to a point where there were so many things that felt right and aligned with what I wanted to do and what I’m passionate about, but something more was still brewing.

In going through the Core Clarity Experience, it become super clear that event planning is what I’m supposed to be doing – just some of the “ingredients” weren’t quite right. So, I took steps to get those things aligned, and now Grace & Gather Events looks totally different than what I thought it would, and it feels like what I’ve always wanted to bring to the world – and it’s still changing! I continually reference my Core Clarity notes when I need to make a tough business decision or when I dream up a new adventure. They act as a launchpad for both my business and my life.

I think you’ll be surprised and delighted at how fun it is! Finding out what you’re meant to do doesn’t have to be laborious or heavy - it can actually be fun and enlightening. It’s not therapy - it’s clarity.


“After Core Clarity a shift happened. My level of confidence went up.  My level of enthusiasm went up.  And I realized that while what I’m doing in my job is not my calling, I can make it into whatever I want while I’m there.”



  • When: Sunday, December 2, 2019, 10:30AM - 2:00PM

  • Where: Wash Park Studio, 900 S. Pearl St. Denver, CO

  • RSVP By: Monday, November 26, 2019

We’ll have everything you need, including snacks and drinks, some extras for you to take away to help you on your path, all in a really cool, relaxed environment where you can come just as you are!


"I was shocked and surprised by what came out of my Core Clarity session. I gained new insight and understanding on the things that matter most to me in my life and my business, leaving me with a renewed sense of commitment and direction to create lasting change in the world. Diana's unique ability to draw out the essence of my life was truly remarkable. I highly recommend a session for those seeking clarity and insight on a certain aspect of their life/business. What I'm most walking away with is a clear understanding of what's a non-negotiable for me going forward, to me, that's priceless.” 


In the experience, you can expect a relaxed experience (come as you are and share what is comfortable) and you will leave with:

  • A map of your core essentials

  • A notebook - just bring your favorite pen

  • A tactical plan to take your next steps to move you forward


“Core Clarity put me on a more clear path. I can now trust the inner voice when it comes to business and life ventures and realize I can bring all of my gifts to the table.”

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Diana Smith, Founder of Elevationist

Diana is the creator of the Core Clarity process and our facilitator. Diana has provides perspective and guidance for 8 years to entrepreneurs, business-owners and CEOs. And, she has guided hundreds of people through the Core Clarity experience to help them find work that they find fulfilling. Diana’s worked in over 20 different positions across 4 career paths before launching her own business. Diana is fueled by dark coffee, sabbaticals at the beach and sci-fi movies (extended cuts).

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Nicole Cruse, Founder of Grace & Gather Events

Nicole launched Grace & Gather Events with a philosophy that while the “ingredients” (i.e. mechanics, logistics and the pretty things) of events are important, really great gatherings have more; they create lasting connections. She went through the Core Clarity process to create what Grace & Gather Events is today, serving people who want to create connections through events. Nicole is powered by french fries, lattes and regular time in the mountains.


"Wow, just wow. Core Clarity seriously opened a new part of my brain that I didn't know existed or had been closed. So Awesome!