Event Consulting Services


You want to put on a memorable event.

And, maybe it's different than other events you've planned before. Perhaps you need an extra set of eyes on the event, an expert to ensure you've crossed all of your "t's" and dotted all of your "i's" or a sounding board to bounce ideas off of. I'd love to be your guide. 

With 5 years of event planning experience in all kinds of events from weddings to birthday parties to baby showers, my goal is to ensure you confidently come into your event, knowing it's aligning with the look and feel that you really want. Here are just a couple of the things we can tackle together:

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  • Get the lay of the land - lay out where you are in the planning process and where you need to go
  • Bounce ideas on what's working and what's not working - whether it's design, flow, or logistics
  • Brainstorm solutions and offer perspective to solve for what isn't working

As your consultant, I act as an advisor and sound-board. Together, we can help you navigate your priorities, and I'm going to give you honest answers to make the most of the event you've got. Click on the button below to sign up for the package that fits what you're looking for.