Yep - that's me fixing her veil!

Yep - that's me fixing her veil!


I am a gathering planner, but really, I'm a lover of life. I believe celebrations in life are essential. 

When we think about events, we tend to think about the ingredients of the event: the mechanics, the logistics and of course, the pretty stuff...

While these things are important, I believe a great gathering has more.

As a planner, I get that when there's a "why" behind your event, it isn't for show. It's about creating a way for those who love and support you to celebrate life's moments along with you. 

I believe connecting with the right vendors is fundamental, because when there's a perfect match between you and your vendors, your unique event comes together like magic. 

I've planned over 40 gatherings, from weddings to showers to styled shoots. What keeps me going? Taking care of every detail - so you can be fully present at your special event. 

I'd love to help you plan your next gathering.